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Infin Pod

หัวพอต relx infinity รุ่นยอดนิยมสุดในไทย มีให้เลือก หลายรชชาติ มากกว่า 20 กลิ่น @Line ได้เลย

Relx Infinity or RELX Classic V2 is the latest model following the Classic or Zero (0) model, completely changed from the design, the head, the indicator light, the charging cable, the heating system. The battery capacity has been increased from 350mAh in the Classic and increased to 380mAh in the Infinity or RELX Classic V2. The pot head doesn’t leak at all since I’ve tried it. Launched with 3 colors, silver, black (Navy) and red. Infin Pod

The technologies used by Relx Infinity are Active-Steam Pro and Air Boost. Active-Steam Pro is able to balance and control the atomic activity and temperature control. while the design for the Air Boost is aerodynamic. The new design inside the pod head creates pressure to push the vapor up from the atom. Not only that, Relx Infinity has also improved on the permeability of the pot head very well. It also increases the battery capacity. And there is also a wireless charging system.