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Ks Kurve Pod

นวัตกรรมทดแทนจากทางค่าย Kardinal ความจุ 2.1 ml สนใจสินค้า @Line คลิก Ks Kurve Pod-Lychee

What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are electronic smoking devices. It uses the heat energy obtained from the battery for heating. And the process of evaporation of the electronic cigarette liquid until it causes smoke in smoking itself. The main determinants of e-cigarettes are electronic cigarette liquid obtained from the synthesis and addition Liquid nicotine mixed in e-cigarette liquids. along with flavoring and flavoring Most of them are fruit and candy scents. Today’s e-cigarette users come in many different ages and genders who choose e-cigarettes. The device is designed to be beautiful, attractive, and most importantly, the price is tangible. However, blue cigarettes also have many advantages as well.